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W & H 11-5-05

W & H 11-5-05

We left the office for the night. Rylok got to his home to find all his remaining clothes in the pool. He gathered them up and headed back to the office for the evening.
That next day, people arrived at radically different times to the office depending on their mood, need or desires. Some people put in a full 8 hr work day before everyone gathered together. There was a lot of research done trying to find out about the religious fanatic familys.
Niko was in the hospital after an attack upon the slayer that she was with. They were out on patrol in an alley when a guy in black with a sword killed the slayer. The “bad” guy had a swirling unusual aura surrounding him indicating some big mean powerful demon-like creature. It may have been a fallen angel. The slayer did not fight and may have been under some kind of mind control. There was an image of some big dark claw in the background that the group believes is the First.
We went to the alley but didn’t find anything other than blood.
We went back to the office to do more research. The science freaks new church is on land owned by Crawford & Black for over a century. There was a LOT of bad things discovered about the land as if it were cursed and haunted. Many people have died and gone missing associated with the place. The first building was finally destroyed and a new modern 35-story building was eventually put up after many problems. There have been many financial problems along the way and some have led to suicides. The developer, Eldon Perry, jumped off the top of the building after the company folded.
Recently the wacko sci church group has been using the site for their church stuff. It seems to be the location for the upcoming revival. It would be a great location for nasty evil rituals that may be part of a big coordinated country-wide ritual possibly involving many of the slayers scattered around.
It may be a big enough ritual with enough slayer blood to bring the First across. This is unclear.
Aiden was using his computer to do further research into Kalub Black and the church land in L.A. He found out all kinds of stuff about the people back East and in the past. He seemed to have been a witness to a football player taking a girl from the prom back in their high school days. She turned up dead. The article also has Deacon Black mentioned.
The Watcher council was destroyed 3 years ago by rogue priests called, “bringers.” They are easy to identify because their eyes are sewn shut. They are believed to be working for the First. They seem to be out destroying the slayer potentials, maybe as part of this possible ritual to bring the First through to this world.
More made stuff included the torture and murder of people at a mission. It’s believed that Buffy killed the bad priest years ago.
We believe that the First is able to take the form of anybody who has died. This could be real trouble. We don’t know who has died.
The slayer, Buffy, is in Italy with the special sythe/axe/ubersword.
There might be about 5-6 slayers in LA.
We need to research the devil and how to destroy it. Or at least deal effectively with it. It seems to be a winged creature with a constantly shifting aura. This could be the “Vissage of Radiance” that is representative of an angel before it was fallen. The true name will give you power over it. Just calling out names down the limited list of fallen angels we would compile would NOT be a good idea since it would be ringing their mental doorbell and we may end up will all of them here at once. That would be VERY BAD.
We believe that devils possess bodies that are near death and some may know some of the info that the host knows. There are about 250 Arch-Angels and maybe its narrowed down to 1/3 that number to 83 possible ones most likely.
Rylok wants to try torturing (interrogating) the witch bitch some more for possible info. Maybe she would know who they were trying to help. We should go back to the old theatre looking for specific info that might give us a name of the devil.

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    Its been a long time.

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    Sorry but I will be in LA on Sat Sept 20. I will miss the game. I hope things go okay. Oh, no, not nother hurricane!!!! Mike

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